Big data in WSJ

Big data in Wall Street Journal


In the age of information, where huge amounts of data is available in the most diverse formats such as text, pictures, movies and audio and in a myriad of applications such as the Web itself, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, retrieving the most useful information is still a challenge.

The topic is closely related to parallel processing insofar as lots of computing power is necessary to fulfill queries whose complexity doesn’t cease to increase. It would not come as a surprise to see servers resort to GPU-powered OpenCL solutions for improved performance in the near future.

The topic has raised interest in the corporate world: the Wall Street Journal published two very interesting articles about the theme:


How big data is changing the whole equation for business – A thorough review of how companies are using big data techniques to improve product development cycle and better understand costumers.

Big data, big blunders – Article reviewing how big data can be used and the highlighting the dangers of trying to implement big data techniques without proper tools and knowledge.



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