OpenCLTemplate 1.07 Released

OpenCLTemplate 1.07 Changelog

– OpenCLTemplate Kernel.Execute now accepts data for Local Work Sizes as well as Global Work Sizes;
– OpenCLTemplate can now store char[] data types, although some cards don’t support the cl_khr_byte_addressable_store extension;
– OpenCLCodeChecker now highlights OpenCL Extensions too. Check the new CodeChecker below and download OpenCLTemplate 1.07.




Lab3D video, OpenCL news

Lab3D has an interesting capability of creating animation from mathematical equations. 

This is a video that shows some animations included in Lab3D. Make sure to visit the Gallery.



For you, developers, interested in OpenCL tutorial, I am currently working on the Kernels tutorial. It is quite long because I decided to explain everything as clearly as possible. I am also introducing some Cloo (OpenCL great C# binder) code to it.

Additionally, I’m working on another Case Study. This time it will be about Collision Detection. You can already test it using the Collision Detection feature in Lab3D.

Lab3D Preview Release

I am very happy to announce that Lab3D, the 3D Laboratory, is now available for download.


Download Lab3D


Lab3D features OBJ and DXF (AutoCAD) models loading, dynamic and static 3D models creation, stereoscopic visualization, WiiMote interaction and much more.

HELP WANTED! If you are native to or proficient in a language that is not English or Portuguese, I welcome your help to translate Lab3D resource files into your language and send me the files!

Check the Documentation section for more information and make sure to visit the Lab3D Gallery for some cool screenshots like this:


Download McLabEn

McLabEn is available for download!

Download the easy-to-use yet versatile matrix calculation software, which features:

– Matrix and linear algebra calculations;
– Data acquisition from scanned graphs and images;
– Path calculations in graphs;
– Uncertainty calculation and error propagation;
– Many other features.

Please go to the Downloads section and agree with the Terms of Use.
You can find the software documentation in the Documentation section.

Download McLabEn