CMSoft at AMD hcInnovators

CMSoft at AMD hcInnovators


We are proud to report that our work with OpenCL GL interop and simulation of heat transfer was recognized by the prestigious AMD Developer Central hcInnovators as relevant work in the field of heterogeneous computing.

Read our interview at AMD hcInnovator Spotlight.


Watch our video tutorial about Heat Transfer simulation:


Go to CMSoft Case Study: heat transfer simulation

Heat transfer simulation result


Watch on YouTube:

01 – Heat transfer simulation demonstration (05:38)
02 – Prerequisites and heat equation overview (07:48)
03 – Discretization of the heat equation (13:59)
04 – Sharing OpenGL textures with OpenCL (12:11)
05 – Mapping intensity to color using OpenCL (08:42)
06 – Simulating the heat equation system (28:49)
07 – Conclusion and wrap-up (06:14)



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