CMSoft Dynamic Shader Beta Release

CMSoft Dynamic Shader Beta Release


Download Dynamic Shader (beta)


We are proud to release CMSoft’s Dynamic Shader (beta), a software designed to let artists quickly bring to life their creations by providing a fast and easy way to create high quality shading of 2D pictures, such as the one below:




The following video demonstrates how to create automatic gradient filling for 2D pictures:


Dynamic shader aims to be a practical tool for professional art, concept sketches and people who just like to draw and paint alike. The algorithm uses concepts from dynamic programming in order to compute color gradients and perform automatic shading. Due to the large amount of processing power required it is necessary to have an OpenCL-enabled GPU.

Recommended hardware:
– 64-bit Windows with at least 4 Gb RAM
– OpenCL enabled GPU

Please keep in mind that Dynamic Shader is currently in beta version. Please do send us any and all suggestions/comments using the email


Many thanks to:

Grand Prix Senai de Inovação 2013, event during which Dynamic Shader was first unveiled.

Tales Vieira (drawing/shading) for the amazing picture and shading.


Download Dynamic Shader (beta)


Video agenda:

– Demonstrate the first beta release of CMSoft’s Dynamic Shader;
– Open a picture which contains an outline of the objects, like an image from a coloring book;

– Click the color picker button to draw color references onto the image;
– Drawing color references – colors get added to the sidebar

– Click render & save to draw image – strokes get saved in the same folder as the picture and are loaded when you open the image again

– Move mouse over color boxes
– Easy to change color – click color and pick a new color – render

– Remove color with right click

– Demonstrate bigger renders

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