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A very promising trend in the field of photography is the possibility of shooting stereoscopic pairs of pictures for vivid, realistic 3D visualization by using 3D cameras. However, few people have the special equipment to visualize these pictures or software to easily manipulate and convert them to more popular formats.

CMSoft Stereoscopic Picture Editor and Converter is a tool designed to view 3D photographs using OpenGL to render the stereo pair in an animated form called “wiggle stereo”, with zoom and crop capabilities. Advanced users can also create their own custom filters in C language using OpenCL technology.

The free software also converts pictures from .MPO format to .JPS (stereo JPEG) and left-right .JPG stereo pictures one at a time or entire folders at once if necessary. You can download sample .MPO files from the 3D picture gallery. Note that this software is freeware.

The video below demonstrates how the software lets you view .JPS, .MPO or .JPG stereo pairs in 3D without the need of any special equipment, as well as convert .MPO files to .JPS format:

 Download CMSoft Stereo Editor

Installation: simply unzip the program to a folder and run the executable.

CMSoft Stereoscopic Picture Editor and Converter Documentation:

  1. Opening and viewing 3D pictures;
  2. Converting .MPO pictures to .JPS and left/right .JPG formats;
  3. Creating and applying custom filters;
  4. 3D picture gallery.


Appendix: Video transcript

Hello everybody.

This is Douglas from CMSoft and I am going to demonstrate some of the functionalities of CMSoft’s stereoscopic editor to view 3D pictures taken using 3D cameras such as Fuji Finepix.

First, let me show you how to convert the format 3D cameras use, which is MPO, into JPS or left/right stereo pairs. I’ll convert a single picture to left/right JPG. Let me choose the picture now.
And, in the picture folder, as you can see, I now have the converted images corresponding to left and right eyes.

Now I’ll convert this entire folder to JPS format. I’ll choose Convert MPO, all MPO files in a folder to JPS and Ok.
The conversion process takes a few moments as the software uses many threads to perform the conversion. And, I’ll open the folder here, the files, the JPS files are created inside the original folder. And, the conversion is done.

Now I’m going to show you how to open a 3D file for visualization. This is a raw file, .MPO file, as recorded in my 3D camera.

This software alternates the left and right view in an animated mode to create an illusion of a 3D effect. This is called wiggle stereo.

As you can see, the objects of the two images aren’t perfectly on top of each other. To fix that, I can click and use the mouse scroll to manually adjust the parallax or I can simply click the auto-parallax button.

I can also zoom and pan the image using the mouse.

Let me now crop the image and apply some filters.

First I’ll apply a blur filter. Gaussian blur.

Now I’m going to apply a Sobel Edge operator to the image.

And finally, I can save this result, let me crop it again, I can save this result as a JPS picture. Test.JPS. And if I close the file I can open it again, here.

Thank you for your attention and I hope this software is useful to convert MPO pictures to JPS or stereo pairs and also to visualize these pictures in systems that don’t have a professional tereoscopic 3D vision system. Thank you.

7 thoughts on “CMSoft Stereoscopic Picture Editor and Converter”

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. I took pictures at an event with my 3DS and I was upset that practically every picture I took was distorted by light. Only the right side of the 3D image was good but I never had a way to save just the right side. Now thanks to this I can save all those images. Very satisfied

    1. That is possible but not programmed

      Its quite simple just assemble side by side

      Would you like to make a bui,d for that?

  2. Thank you for creating such a great software. One thing I am not able to do is cropping .mpo file. I can see a big cross selection sign, but I am not able to select the area I want to crop. When I move the mouse on a corner, I can see a big black cross. I click left mouse button, and if I move the mouse, the picture also moved. Can you tell me what did I do wrong? My system is Windows 7 64 bit.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi, Alec, thank you!
      I know it isn’t obvious, but you can zoom in and out with your mouse wheel. After zooming in, you will be able to crop the image.

  3. Keep getting error when opening mpo files . 0x80004005
    Always when mpo is from Samsung NX30 camera with 45mm 3d lens
    Can email screenshot if this would help

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