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Lab3D is now Release Candidate. I am currently working to develop the online documentation.

This is a video that shows some animations included in Lab3D. Make sure to visit the Gallery.

And you can find the software here:

Download Lab3D

For your convenience, the topics have been grouped by difficulty level in a color scale:

Level: easy;
Level: intermediate;
Level: difficult.

Lab3D Documentation

1 – Installation guide;
2 – Basics;
3 - Stereoscopy;
4 – WiiMote interaction;
5 – Creating Lab3D models: static and dynamic;
6 – Creating Lab3D simulations;
7 – Gallery.

Lab3D Installation Guide

Make sure to read this installation guide in order to be able to use all features Lab3D has to offer. 1. Download Lab3D First of all, download Lab3D. No installation is required. Just unzip the files into the desired folder. After this, you can double-click Lab3D and open 3D OBJ and DXF models, move the models …

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Lab3D Basics

This section talks about Lab3D basic commands. Please notice that Lab3D is not a CAD/CAM/3D modelling software. Lab3D is a 3D laboratory for experimenting with 3D equations and models. Watch the video tutorial about Lab3D basics: 1. Loading and manipulating models 1.1 Loading models To load models, go to menu File -> Load or click Load 3D …

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If you have the correct hardware, Lab3D will allow you to view 3D models in stereoscopic mode, like a 3D cinema! 1. Requirements In order to use this feature, you will need special hardware that supports Quad-buffered OpenGL: 1 – A professional high-end graphics card, such as NVidia Quadro or ATI FirePro; 2 – A visualization kit which …

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Interaction with 3D models using WiiMote

1. Overview Interaction with a 3D environment is always both challenging and interesting. It is an excellent tool to demonstrate concepts of 3D programming, give a better insight of the 3D model and virtual reality, and catch the attention of students in a class. Lab3D allows the user to interact with 3D models and draw onto …

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Creating Lab3D models: static and dynamic

Lab3D models are created from mathematical equations written in the C programming language. As such, command lines usually have to end with semicolon (;). It is possible to create surfaces and curves using parametric equations that take parameter u if it is a curve, u and v if it is a surface and an additional …

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Creating Lab3D simulations

1. Overview Lab3D simulations are files that you can use to make 3D models follow a predefined trajectory equation. It is also possible to set rotation and visibility of the 3D model. There are 4 steps to follow: – Choose which 3D models will be displayed; – Create their trajectories; – Adjust settings: colors, trajectory display and simulation time …

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Lab3D Gallery

In this section you can see some cool screenshots taken from Lab3D. The 3D models I used are available for free on sites about 3D models. This is a video that shows some animations included in Lab3D. And the video below shows how to use the WiiMote to interact with the virtual reality: This is an …

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