Lab3D Gallery

In this section you can see some cool screenshots taken from Lab3D. The 3D models I used are available for free on sites about 3D models.

This is a video that shows some animations included in Lab3D.

And the video below shows how to use the WiiMote to interact with the virtual reality:

This is an interesting picture featuring an OBJ model and some Lab3D models, all included in the Lab3D release:



This is a simulation of interference concerning two interfering waves. It’s interesting to notice the constructive and destructive interference. It’s a dynamic 3D model available with Lab3D.



In my opinion this one looks cool. The texture of the table and the high level of detail of both models makes them amazing to navigate through.

Below are frames of a cone parameterization I included with the Lab3D dynamic models:


This is a movie showing the Solar System Lab3DSim file:

Below is a picture of a soft-edge square generated with math equations:

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