Lab3D Installation Guide

Make sure to read this installation guide in order to be able to use all features Lab3D has to offer.

1. Download Lab3D

First of all, download Lab3D. No installation is required. Just unzip the files into the desired folder.

After this, you can double-click Lab3D and open 3D OBJ and DXF models, move the models and the camera, zoom in and out, etc.

Not all features will be enabled if you don’t have OpenCL installed in your computer, which is the next step.

2. Install OpenCL

It is not possible to use all features of Lab3D without installing OpenCL, the newest computing technology available. In order to do this, you need to:

1 – Get the latest drivers for your graphics card AND the OpenCL drivers. You can find ATI Stream SDK (which includes OpenCL support) in NVidia CUDA can be found at Have in mind that these drivers are necessary to run OpenCL;

2 – If you don’t have a graphics card or your card is not compatible with OpenCL you still can use OpenCL by using ATI Stream SDK OpenCL drivers;

3 – After installing the OpenCL drivers for your graphics card (or the ATI drivers if you don’t have a GPU), run Lab3D.exe;

4 – Open menu Tools -> OpenCL -> View devices. If you see an error you don’t have OpenCL properly installed/configured. Make sure to download and install the proper OpenCL drivers.

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