If you have the correct hardware, Lab3D will allow you to view 3D models in stereoscopic mode, like a 3D cinema!

1. Requirements

In order to use this feature, you will need special hardware that supports Quad-buffered OpenGL:

1 – A professional high-end graphics card, such as NVidia Quadro or ATI FirePro;
2 – A visualization kit which allows the hardware to display different images to each eye. This is usually a projector with polarization and special glasses, like the 3D cinema. Alternatively, you can use NVidia 3D Vision Glasses with a Quadro card and a compatible monitor. Important note: you will need a Quadro card because the GeForce series don’t support Quad-buffered OpenGL.

2. Enabling Lab3D stereoscopic mode

It is very easy to enable stereoscopic mode. Click menu Stereography -> Switch stereography or simply press F10.

You can control the parallax (i.e., the “degree” of the 3D) by using Alt+Left and Alt+Right.

If your system supports stereoscopic display all you need to do now is put on the 3D glasses and enjoy the immersive 3D experience!

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