McLabEn Documentation/Tutorial

Here you will find description and basic documentation for McLabEn. In order to download, make sure you agree with the Terms of Use.

Please notice that McLabEn is being reworked to more modern programming standards and to incorporate parallel processing with OpenCL to its code.

For your convenience, the topics have been grouped by difficulty level in a color scale:

Level: easy;
Level: intermediate;
Level: difficult.

Download McLabEn 64bits

Download McLabEn 32 bits


For more detailed information about McLabEn commands, refer to the Users Guide (Portuguese), which is also available in the software download pack.

Once again, McLabEn is being reworked to incorporate parallel processing. The current version will not be supported or have any additions and some functions may not work properly on 64 bits systems.

For more information about Least Squares Correlation Analysis, Pattern Identification or Chaos Cryptography, send an email.

Specifically, for system identification and least squares fitting, the mathematical aspects can be found here. This is my graduation thesis about Parametric Dynamic Systems Identification (Portuguese).

1 – Basic command line commands;
2 – Matrix and vector math;
3 – Acquisition of data from scanned graphs and pictures;
4 – Uncertainty analysis and error propagation;
5 – Calculations concerning paths, closed loops and transfer functions.

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