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Lab3D is now Release Candidate. I am currently working to develop the online documentation.


This is a video that shows some animations included in Lab3D. Make sure to visit the Gallery.



And you can find the software here:


Download Lab3D 


For your convenience, the topics have been grouped by difficulty level in a color scale:

Level: easy;
Level: intermediate;
Level: difficult


Lab3D Documentation


1 - Installation guide;
2 - Basics;
3 - Stereoscopy;
4 - WiiMote interaction;
5 - Creating Lab3D models: static and dynamic;
6 - Creating Lab3D simulations;
7 - Gallery.


Coming soon: 

Lab3D resources

- Mathematics;
- Physics;
- Chemistry.


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Written by Douglas Andrade   
Saturday, 26 June 2010 20:55
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