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Developers Section 


This area is specifically dedicated to developers interested in using OpenCL acceleration technology in a practical way to accelerate math calculations and 3D OpenGL technology for tridimensional visualization in a practical way.

Just like for the built softwares, for your conveniente, the topics are grouped in difficulty levels with different colors. Be warned that this topic is here for developers who know how to create code, specifically with C# and .NET.
Level: easy;
Level: intermediate;
Level: difficult.



OpenCL using OpenCLTemplate.DLL


The  technology to accelerate calculations by using the video card with OpenCL is a reality that has been allowing scientists and developers to create up to 300x faster code.

OpenCLTemplate tries to make it easier to use the GPU to accelerate mathematical calculations for developers that are not specialists at computational math and parallel processing.

Procceed to OpenCL tutorial using OpenCLTemplate.


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