Kinect SDK 1.7 Hand Events

Kinect SDK 1.7 Interactions – Hand Events in C#


Download Kinect Interactions in C# Sample Code.

The new Kinect SDK 1.7 features a very interesting tool: hand detection including open and closed hands (grip). However, the documentation for how to use the WPF controls or even how to set up and handle hand interaction events is quite poor, especially without using a KinectRegion.

We at CMSoft bring you a very basic sample demonstration to show how to handle Kinect open/close hand interactions. We show how to use C# to implement IInteractionClient to create the InteractionStream and handle the InteractionFrameReady event.

In this example, we demonstrate how to track positions and grips of left and right hands from 2 users. The Labels move and change color as users grip.

We’re working to develop hand-controlled presentation software and 3D interaction with virtual worlds, stay tuned! Also feel free to comment or ask questions in our forum.

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