OpenCL heat transfer video tutorial

Case study: heat transfer simulation using OpenCL OpenGL interop


Heat transfer and, more generally, parabolic partial differential equations are a very important class of problems in physics and mathematics. Analytic solutions aren’t available for real-world problems where initial and boundary conditions can be arbitrary.

CMSoft presents video tutorials and source code with detailed information about how to create the CLGL shared context, use OpenCL to accelerate the simulation of heat transfer and share an OpenGL texture to present the results to the user.

This is an example of the video tutorials to come should our user community show interest (in our poll, left menu) to watch a complete series of video tutorials. Otherwise we’ll concentrate our efforts and time on striving to create high-quality code content with online text explanation.


Go to CMSoft Case Study: heat transfer simulation


Heat transfer simulation result


The video below demonstrates the use of the software:



Watch on YouTube:

01 – Heat transfer simulation demonstration (05:38)
02 – Prerequisites and heat equation overview (07:48)
03 – Discretization of the heat equation (13:59)
04 – Sharing OpenGL textures with OpenCL (12:11)
05 – Mapping intensity to color using OpenCL (08:42)
06 – Simulating the heat equation system (28:49)
07 – Conclusion and wrap-up (06:14)


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