OpenCL video tutorial

CMSoft poll: video tutorials about OpenCL using C#

Would you like us at CMSoft to create a series of video tutorials about how to develop OpenCL applications using C#? Vote using the poll in the left menu.

Video lectures and tutorials have become a major source of technical information. From MIT OpenCourseWare to Khan Academy, high quality education is being offered for free and made available to people all over the world.

We at CMSoft are considering the idea of creating a step-by-step video tutorial covering the aspects discussed in our OpenCL in C# tutorial using Cloo and OpenCLTemplate and beyond.

Our idea is to record some videos showing the very first basics of the OpenCL memory model and data-parallel structure and from there move to on-demand topics such as image processing, __local memory usage, OpenCL/OpenGL interop or how to use OpenCL using multiple GPUs and CPUs. We might even cover C++ or advanced synchronization sometime.

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