OpenCLTemplate updated

OpenCLTemplate updated


We’ve updated OpenCLTemplate to Visual C# 2010 and to include the following functions:

Program.LoadFromSource() – loads a file into a string. Useful to load .CL files containing source to be compiled.

Variable and Image2D empty constructors to create OpenCL buffers without copying any content:

CLCalc.Program.Image2D emptyimage = new CLCalc.Program.Image2D(Cloo.ComputeImageChannelType.UnsignedInt8, width, height);
CLCalc.Program.Variable emptyarray = new CLCalc.Program.Variable(typeof(float),count);

Thanks to K Barni for this contribution.


Updating OpenCLTemplate to Visual C# 2010 will allow us to use .NET framwork’s Parallel instructions to optimize implentations in the near future.


Download OpenCLTemplate

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