OpenCLTemplate using Cloo

OpenCLTemplate using Cloo


We are very proud to inform that OpenCLTemplate now uses Cloo bindings and classes in a combination of Cloo’s objective to make all OpenCL resources available to the programmer and OpenCLTemplate’s goal to create an  easy-to-use yet powerful OpenCL environment. Download the new OpenCLTemplate integrated with Cloo, visit CMSoft’s OpenCL tutorial and feel free to report any problems by e-mail or using our forum.

This port will allow, in the near future, integration with OpenTK, a set of OpenGL bindings, in order to create an OpenCL/OpenGL interop environment which will be easy to use and that will allow programmers to easily manipulate OpenGL buffer objects directly in GPU memory.

If you want to know more about these resources, visit:

OpenCLTemplate at Google Code for source code and latest modifications;
Cloo at SourceForge;
OpenTK webpage.


OpenCLTemplate 1.140 Changelog

Download OpenCLTemplate

– All resources ported to Cloo;
– OpenCLTemplate.exe now lists devices’ supported extensions.

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